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Whirlpool Washer Dryer Repair Service

Boulder County Washer Dryer Repair Guru has decades of experience working on Whirlpool appliance brand washers and dryers, so we know to always perform a Multi-Point Whirlpool Inspection to diagnose and fix your broken Whirlpool laundry appliance.

Depending on the problem you are experiencing with your particular Whirlpool washing machine or dryer, we may even be able to provide you with a diagnosis and an easy-to-understand estimate right over the phone.

We are confident that we can identify the problem and fix your broken Whirlpool washing machine or dryer quickly, efficiently and affordably… That’s just the Guru way of providing amazing Whirlpool appliance repair service!

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More About Whirlpool Appliances Whirlpool-washer-dryer-repair

Whirlpool Home Appliances

Whirlpool is the largest North American supplier of major appliances to Sears under the Kenmore brand. However, this wasn’t always the case. In 1911, the Upton brothers created The Upton Machine Company, which fathered the Whirlpool brand. In 1916, the brothers wisely partnered with Sears and enjoyed a huge success in washing machine sales.

Whirlpool Top Load Washers

Popular for their high-quality standards, the Whirlpool top load washer has a long history of dependability for regular clothes laundering. When working properly, the top load washer should fill with water, wash the clothes with detergent, drain, rinse and spin.

Whirlpool Repair Advantages

The experts at Boulder County Washer Dryer Repair Guru know that if the agitator is not functioning properly or the spin cycle is not spinning like it should, your top load washer may be in need of some minor repairs.

Whirlpool Appliance Options

While top-loading washers are generally less expensive to purchase, front-loading models, or load-from-the-front-style washers, deliver excellent performance overall. In addition to being more energy efficient, front load washers clean by tumbling and not agitation, which is considerably gentler on clothes and fabrics.

WhirlpoolBrand Name Washer & Dryer Parts

Boulder County Washer Dryer Repair Guru uses only authentic brand name Whirlpool replacement parts. Our experienced and skilled washer and dryer repair technicians are expertly trained to know every inch of your Whirlpool laundry appliance.

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Expert Boulder County Washer Dryer Appliance Repair 

There is no need to put up with a washer or dryer that doesn’t work properly when an affordable Whirlpool appliance expert is just a phone call away!

Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru makes on-site repairs, so just relax and have the Guru come to you!

Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and an experienced, highly-qualified repair technician will be at your door to fix your washing machine or dryer in the comfort and convenience of your home or business.

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