Time to Clean the Dryer Vent

The Guru recommends having your dryer professionally cleaned every 18 months


Do You Know When it’s Time to Clean the Dryer Vent?

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5 Easy Ways to Check if there is a Clog in the Dryer Vent

  1. Check your lint screen. You should always clean the lint screen after every use. If there isn’t much lint on it and you’ve been doing laundry, it’s possible the lint may have been caught in the vent instead of the lint screen, which means you have a clog.
  2. Time your dryer cycle. If it’s taking longer than normal for your clothes to dry, or if you are having to run each load more than one time, you may have a stopped-up vent. Items that are still damp after repeated drying cycles is a sure sign of a clog.
  3. Feel your clothing and the actual dryer. Clothes just out of the dryer that are extremely hot or an excessively hot dryer can signal a clogged vent. Do not continue to use a dryer that feels excessively hot to the touch. 
  4. Always keep the outside exhaust area clean.
  5. Have your dryer professional cleaned every 18-months

Benefits of Regular Professional Maintenance Care

Trust the Guru when he tells you that cleaning your dryer vent is more than just a chore, it’s a safety must. The seemingly harmless lint that builds up in your dryer’s vent can cause a clog, which is a fire hazard.

Dryer fires are a serious issue, and the way to prevent them is to make sure your vent is kept clean and clog-free. You can clean the dryer vent yourself with some basic tools. And don’t forget, the Boulder County Washer Dryer Repair Guru highly recommends that you have your home or business-use dryer professionally cleaned every 18 months. It will add years of life to your clothes dryer!

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