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Did you know that you could add years of life onto your clothes dryer by knowing some simple Troubleshooting Tips? The Washer Dryer Repair Guru takes pride in empowering our customers with the knowledge of when to call in the experts. Don’t waste money on unnecessary service appointments!

By following a series of simple dryer troubleshooting steps, you might be able to save yourself a service call and the associated costs of an in-home repair. It’s easy to learn how to safely and quickly check for common problems associated with a malfunctioning clothes dryer.

General Electric makes an abundance of dryer models, both electric and gas. With so many models to choose from with various features most folks would think that basic troubleshooting is out of the question.

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4 Quick Questions to Ask Before you Make a Service Call

1. Is It On? First and foremost, you will need to determine if you are using a gas or electric dryer. If it is a gas dryer, you will need to check that the gas is turned on. If you are dealing with an electric dryer, you will need to make sure that the appliance is plugged in. While this may seem like an obvious first step, we have experienced several embarrassed customers when we arrive to find that the power source was simply shut off or constricted.

2. Is The Load Even? Ensure that the dryer is not overloaded or the clothing is not balled up. Any of these things can prevent the dryer from operating and/or drying the clothes properly.

3. Is There Too Much Lint? Examine the dryer’s lint trap for excess lint. Remove any lint from the trap and then place it securely back into position. Always clean the lint trap between dryer cycles. Excessive lint build-up on the trap will can the dryer to work less effectively.

4. Is The Dryer Level? Make sure your dryer is secure and level in its place. Use a level to confirm your dryer is sitting flatly and evenly on the ground. Adjust the dryer as necessary for it to be level as the dryer will vibrate and make unnecessary noise when sitting unevenly.

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