Holy Shaking Washing Machine!

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Got a Shaking Washing Machine?

Is it …

… making crazy sounds and bouncing all over the place?

… vibrating like a helicopter propeller?

… shaking uncontrollably whenever it hits the spin cycle?

When your washing machine gets a mind of its own and begins to shake, rattle, and thump, or seems to be walking away, it’s time to call the Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru!

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3 Most Common Reasons for a Shaking Washing Machine

1. Washer is Newly Installed

If you’ve recently installed a washing machine and it is vibrating abnormally, it is best to first check that any transit straps or bolts have been properly and completely removed, failure to do this correctly upon installation can cause untold damage to the machine and other headache-causing catastrophes.

washer dryer repair guruWasher Dryer Repair Guru Insider’s Tip: 

If you have not followed the installation instructions properly then the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover this type of damage and they could charge you for the service call as well as any maintenance required. Be sure to read those instructions!

The second more common cause of vibrating washer on a newly installed appliance is related to the machine itself not being level or the legs not being tightened. When a washer is installed on a basement cement floor, there is a very stable platform. But a second or third floor installation however, could have insufficient floor bracing, which can cause the washer to bounce or vibrate when on the spin cycle. There are options to remedy this situation such as add more bracing, or to use an anti-vibration washer pad.

Another factor to consider is when a washer is installed on wood flooring that can’t properly support the machine. Always informed and ready to share his expertise with you, Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru knows that LG has a dampening kit specifically designed to tackle wooden flooring problems.

2. Overloading

Can’t all the clothes just get along? Actually, no they can’t. Overloading the washer with heavy or too many items can cause excessive vibration due to an unbalanced load. If you load items so full that you can barely close the door or lid, the load will have a hard time distributing evenly around the perimeter of the wash tub. Once wet, and the tub begins to tumble, the load becomes entangled and will pack onto one side of the tub. This will cause the washer to jump and walk across the floor on the spin cycle. And you don’t want that now, do you?!

Balance the load of clothes by simply opening the lid, and looking to see if there is a lot more on one side of the agitator than the other. If this is the problem, (Bingo!) move them around more evenly, close the lid, restart the spin cycle, and observe your brilliance at work. As a genreral rule, Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru recommends to always follow the manufacturer’s wash load recommendations as outlined in your owner’s manual and only load what your washer can handle.

3. Washing Machine Isn’t Level

It’s important to check the leveling of the washing machine. You might need to adjust the feet of the washer to ensure it is level front-to-back as well as side-to-side. Generally, the feet can easily be adjusted using a wrench to turn the legs up or down. Then afterward, it is best to use a level to check your work.

Once completed, you should be able to place your hands diagonally across opposite corners of the washer top and see if the washer rocks back and forth or moves at all. If unlevel (even in the slightest) the washer will vibrate during the spin cycle.

Washer Dryer Repair Guru Insider’s Tip: 

If the washer is mounted on a pedestal, you’ll need to level the feet of the pedestal, NOT the washer. Make sure the washer is firmly mounted to the pedestal first. Then, level the feet of the pedestal using the same procedures outlined before.

Washer Dryer Repair Guru says, “Don’t Ignore It!”

You should not continue to use a washer that vibrates or moves uncontrollably. A vibrating washer could literally ‘walk’ away from its installed space, causing damage to neighboring cabinets or pulling on its water connections.

Shaking could also cause some problems with its electronic components. The problems could be more serious when the vibrating washer is part of a stacking washer/dryer set. Just make it easy on yourself and call the trusted and trained technicians at Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru.

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