The Woes of Soapy Clothes

Avoid the annoyance of having soapy clothes after the wash and read this!


spoay-washer-imageSoapy Clothes?

Is there …

~ A white residue on your clothes, especially darks?
~ Still soap on your clothes or they’re not rinsed well enough?
~ Streaks of detergent residue tracked across your clean laundry?

Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru knows how über annoying it is to find soapy residue on freshly washed clothes. And he won’t stand for it!

Whether your kids notice just before you leave the house or a co-worker let’s you know at the office, white residue on your clean clothes is simply not a good look!

Read below to discover some simple solutions for this little problem … Or just give us a call!

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3 Simple Steps to Soapless Clothes

1. Measure the Detergent Correctly

Sounds simple enough, right? Not if you are in a hurry or have lost the measuring cup or a number of other reasons why people skip this step so often.

Trust the Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru when he says having too much detergent in the load is one of the most common explanations for soapy clothes. Whether it is liquid or powder detergent, this issue can easily happen. Take the extra seconds to only measure out what is necessary for the load and remember to never pour detergent directly onto your clothes.

If you have a washer with an automatic detergent dispenser, it may be clogged with lumps of detergent (even liquid lumps) that are not dissolving. To remedy this problem, heat some distilled white vinegar and pour it into the dispenser then run a wash cycle with no laundry to clear it out.

2. Watch the Fabric Softener Amount

Just like with the detergent you use, measuring out the correct amount of fabric softener is an important step. While not everyone uses fabric softener, it can still cause the same issues as having too much detergent. Again, make sure to never pour it directly onto clothes. And if you have a dispenser, clean it as often as you would the detergent dispenser.

3. Don’t Overload the Washer

Having too many articles of clothing in the wash inhibits the movement of water and the soap does not dissolve.

Washer Dryer Repair Guru Insider’s Tip:

If you own a High-Efficiency washing machine make sure you are only using High Efficiency (HE soap). Not only will your clothes not get clean but on many models excessive soap can damage the water pump.

Los Angeles Washer Dryer Repair Guru always recommends following the manufactures directions carefully and doing a cleaning cycle as needed.

Quick Clean Your Washing Machine

Place one cup of white vinegar in place of your detergent to clean out the machine of any residual build up of soap. With no clothes in the machine, set the water temperature to hot and run the machine through the largest and longest wash cycle. In the Washer Dryer Repair Guru’s expert experience, the results are outstanding to eliminate soapy clothes.

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